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R&K's Alpaca Boutique and Fiber Mill

We just opened a fiber mill in April 2022. We are able to process your fiber into roving, yarn, cored yarn and batting.
Skirting $25/hr
Washing $4/lb
Tumbling 2/lb
carding `10/lb add 2/lb for roving into bumps
Spinning $24/lb Bulky to sport 2-3ply ot $26/lb Finger to lace 2ply- includes carding, draw frame, spinning plying, coning, or skeining (Final weight)
Blending $2/lb
Cored Yarn $8/lb- including core material (Different core materials add different amounts of weight to final product) Carded and core wrapped, packaged as a large bumps are 100 yds unless otherwise requested.
Washed Skeins $2.50/lb